International Business Management

International Business Management

International Business Management

International Business Management

MBA | PGDM in International Business

The MBA / PGDM in International Business is a master’s degree designed to develop the competence and resources of managers in the global economy. Hence, it is for those seeking to establish or expedite a career in international business.

Above all, the MBA / PGDM in International Business focuses on strategic planning for international operations and provides an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations, including specialized functions such as finance, international marketing and also human resource management.

Moreover, MBA / PGDM in international business degrees also comprises of classes that address topics such as imports and exports and intercultural communication.

Consequently, the degree/ diploma may be thought of as an MBA / PGDM with a particular target on multinational corporations.

While, the MBA / PGDM -International Business is a profound, two-year, residential, post-graduate degree program, distinctively designed for a remunerative career in global business management. Furthermore, this program is a unique fusion of theories and also practices that prepare students for domestic markets as well as business on a global platform.

Therefore, make this program truly unique and raise it to the level of international status.

Even more, Students, who enter the portals of the college, come from diverse academic backgrounds such as engineering, pharmacy, economics, mathematics, chartered accountancy, IT, commerce, and provide a vibrant tone to the program. While the first semester serves as a churning crucible and creates the basis for understanding business management. Certainly, all the students are brought together on a level playing field before specializations begin in the second semester.


The International Business courses such as:

    • International Logistics
    • International Finance
    • Governments and Political Relations between nations
    • Business Strategies by MNCs
    • Export & Import Management
    • Foreign Exchange
    • International Marketing
    • Business Laws

Job Roles

  • Project Manager
  • Investment Banking Managers
  • Accounts Manager
  • Export Managers
  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Finance Manager
  • International Business Consultant
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • International Logistics Manager

Career Prospects

The opportunities and growth prospects in the area of international business are eternal, substantially because of exponentially increasing international trade and lack of proper human resources to look after international business.

Hence, students having the degree or diploma in international business can work for either private or government sector organizations. The MBA / PGDM in IB can also opt to work for MNCs Indian or foreign in the International Business department/division, global logistics companies, import and export departments of companies, like shipping or airlines, international consultancy firms, global tourism sector and international courier companies.

Learning Period of International Business Management in India

  • 2 Year Full Time Regular MBA
  • 2 Year Regular Full Time PGDM ( AICTE Approved )
  • 1-year Full-time Diploma in International Business in Management.
  • Executive / Part Time / Distance Learning MBA in International Business.
  • 6 Month Certification in International Business Management.
  • International Business Management Workshops – 3 Months.