Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Marketing MBA | PGDM

Marketing Management

While the development of the Indian economy has opened up the doors of foreign trade. Hence in conjunction with increasing domestic competition. Furthermore, this, consecutively, has driven up the demand for Marketing Management in India, which is subordinate to matching the needs of consumers to the resources of a company. Therefore basically, this involves transfiguring consumer demands into services or products, which the company can renumeratively offer, deliver and promote in the marketplace.

Hence, students can become an intrinsic part of this system by pursuing this course which will broadly teach them about, sales,  fields, market strategies, executive and leadership management skills, consumer trends, product management, market research and consumer trends etc., they will be able to identify the market choice through analysis of demand, economics, competition and so on. In addition, you will also be able to utilize tools like market research, pricing, distribution, advertising, and sales promotion to ensure the everyday success of the company.

Consequently,  the scope of this course is very good in today’s market progression and trend. Also, these are one of the earliest disciplines of management study.

If you are interested in the media, entertainment, promotions, sales, advertisement and general management field, then these courses are especially relevant for you.

Therefore,  it is the heart of any organization. Furthermore, the trend of it has changed and progressed with the technological evolution in the world.

Certainly, it is one of the influencing specializations of Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management ) . Consequently every year, numerous students go for these courses all over India for Making the career in the Field of Marketing.

Domains of Marketing Management

  • Competitive Marketing
  • Business Promotions
  • Sales Force Management
  • Service Sector Promotion
  • Sales Promotion Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Internet Search Engine & Promotions
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising Management
  • Retailing Management
  • Marketing Channel
  • Analytical
  • Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing
  • Marketing Communications Management
  • Customer Relationship Marketing

Moreover, instructors may choose from several procedures of education such as discussion, computer-based simulations, case studies, projects, presentations, e-learning, video conference etc. In conclusion, students may also get to benefit practical experience from internships.

Basic Roles

In addition, there are a good scope and opportunity of this course. Therefore, it itself is an immense field.

Job opportunities are also available in Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Tourism, Media, Advertising, Consultancy, Market Research, etc.

Prosperous Job Profiles in India 

  1. Market Research
  2. Sales Management
  3. Media Planning
  4. Product Management
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Brand Management
  8. Asset Management
  9. Corporate Sales
  10. Promotional Campaigns

Learning Period of Marketing in India

  • 2 Year Full Time Regular MBA
  • 2 Year Regular Full Time PGDM ( AICTE Approved )
  • 1 year Full time Diploma in Human Resource in Management .
  • Executive / Part Time / Distance Learning MBA in Human Resource .
  • 6 Month Certification in Human Resource  Management .
  • Human Resource Workshops – 3 Months .