MBA Colleges Bangalore

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MBA Bangalore

MBA Bangalore

First of all, Bangalore is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India”  (or “IT capital of India”) because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology exporter.

In addition, it has many educational and research institutions in India. Therefore, Bengaluru is known as its IT Industry and engineering colleges. MBA Bangalore colleges to have grown by leaps and bounds, Bangalore houses prestigious institutions like Indian Institutes of Management (IIM). Finally, it is the first preference by students for MBA Bangalore Colleges | Institute | Universities.

Bengaluru is known as its IT Industry and engineering colleges. While MBA colleges to have grown by leaps and bounds, Bangalore houses prestigious institutions like Indian Institutes of Management (IIM).

Most noteworthy, Bengaluru is known as its IT Industry and engineering colleges. Hence MBA Bangalore to have grown, Bangalore houses most prestigious institutions like Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and well established MBA Bangalore.

Furthermore, IT industry of Bangalore is divided into three main clusters:

  • Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)
  • International Tech Park, Bangalore (ITPB)
  • Electronics City

Also, Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India.
In conclusion, it is also home to many educational as well as research institutions in India

MBA Bangalore

The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master’s degree in business administration (management) in MBA Colleges Bangalore and all over India.

Types of MBA Programmes in Bangalore

The MBA in MBA Colleges Bangalore is a terminal degree and a professional degree. Business schools offer programs tailored to

  • Full-Time (Regular) MBA Programmes
  • Part-Time MBA Programmes
  • Executive MBA Programmes
  • Online or Distance MBA Programmes

MBA Bangalore Entrance exams

Consequently, there are various MBA Entrance exams in Bangalore and all over India i.e. at the national as well as state level like:

  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • The Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Post Graduation Common Entrance Test (PGCET)
  • Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Test
  • Xavier Admission Test (XAT)
  • Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT)
  • AIMS Test Management Admissions (ATMA)

MBA Bangalore Specializations

In addition, Some Top Specializations MBA in Bangalore offered by the Bangalore colleges are:

  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Sales
  • Retail Management
  • Export Management
  • Materials and Supply Chain Management

MBA Bangalore Colleges

MBA Admission in Bangalore Producere also offers Many Opportunities to MBA students (either Fresher or People with Work experience in addition ) also willing to Pursue Direct MBA from Top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

More of Corporate Exposure, Guest lectures, Timely Industrial Visits and Training as per the specialization opted makes students almost more Knowledgeable and therefore Understanding the real Corporate world helping in a successful career which is especially relevant.

List  of MBA Colleges | Institute | Universities in Bangalore

S. No.MBA College nameStateCourse
1Academy for Excellence in Management Education(AEME)BangaloreMBA
2Acharya Academy of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
3AIMS InstitutesBangaloreMBA
4Acharya Institute of Management and SciencesBangaloreMBA
5Acharya Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
6Acharya School of Management BangaloreBangalorePGDM
7Acharya’S Bangalore B-SchoolBangaloreMBA
8Adarsh Institute of Management and Information TechnologyBangaloreMBA
9Aditya Institute of Management Studies and ResearchBangaloreMBA
10Administrative Managment CollegeBangalorePGDM
11Al-Ameen Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
12Alliance School of BusinessBangaloreMBA
13Alliance UniversityBangaloreMBA
14Amc Engineering CollegeBangaloreMBA
15Apoorva Institute of Management Studies (AIMS)BangaloreMBA
16Atma CollegeBangaloreMBA
17Atria Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
18Avk Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
19B.M.S.College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
20BIT-Bangalore Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
21BIMS-Bangalore Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
22Bnm Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA

Brindavan College

24Brindavan College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
25BSBS Business AcademyBangaloreMBA
26Btl Institute of Technology and ManagementBangaloreMBA
27Cambridge Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
28Christ UniversityBangaloreMBA
29City CollegeBangaloreMBA
30Cmr Center for Business StudiesBangaloreMBA
31Cmr Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
32CMR UniversityBangaloreMBA
34Community Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA

Dayanand Sagar University

36Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & Management Technical CampusBangaloreMBA
37Dayananda Sagar Business SchoolBangalorePGDM
38Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science & CommerceBangaloreMBA
39Dayananda Sagar College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
40Don Bosco Institute of Bio-Sciences & Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
41Don Bosco Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
42Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
43Dr. Ambedkar Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
44Dr.Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Mahaswamy College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
45East Point College of Engineering & TechnologyBangaloreMBA

East Point College of Higher Education

47East West College of ManagementBangaloreMBA
48East West Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
49G.T. Institute of Management Studies and ReseachBangaloreMBA
50Garden City College of Science and Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
51Global Academy of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
52Global Institute for Corporate EducationBangaloreMBA

Global Institute of Management Sciences

54Gopalan College of Engineering and ManagementBangaloreMBA
55Government First Grade CollegeBangaloreMBA
56Government R C College of Commerce & ManagementBangaloreMBA
57Gupta College Of Management and TechnologyBangaloreMBA
58Hillside Institute of Management & AcademyBangaloreMBA
59Hkbk College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
60Ifim CollegeBangaloreMBA
61Impact College of Engineering and Applied SciencesBangaloreMBA
62Imperial College of Business StudiesBangaloreMBA
63Indian Academy School of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA

Indian Institute of Plantation Management

65Indo Asian Academy Group of InstitutionsBangaloreMBA
66Indus Business AcademyBangaloreMBA / PGDM
67Indus Business AcademyBangaloreMBA
68Innovative Business SchoolBangaloreMBA
69Institute for Technology and ManagementBangalorePGDM
70Institute of Business Management and ResearchBangaloreMBA
71Institute of Finance & International ManagementBangaloreMBA / PGDM
72Institute of Health Management Research, BangaloreBangalorePGDM

Institute of Management Excellence and Research

75International Academy of Management and EntrepreneurshipBangaloreMBA
76International Institute of Business StudiesBangaloreMBA / PGDM
77International Institute of Business StudiesBangaloreMBA
78International School of Business & MediaBangalorePGDM
79International School of Management ExcellenceBangaloreMBA / PGDM
80Isbr Business SchoolBangaloreMBA / PGDM
81ISBR Business SchoolBangaloreMBA
82Jain UniversityBangaloreMBA
83Jss Academy of Technical EducationBangaloreMBA
84Jyoti Nivas College (Mba)BangaloreMBA
85K.S. School of Engineering and ManagementBangaloreMBA
86Karnataka College of ManagementBangaloreMBA
87Kempegowda Institute of Management Studies and ResearchBangaloreMBA
88Koshys Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
89Kristu Jayanti CollegeBangalorePGDM
90Krupanidhi Group of InstitutionsBangaloreMBA
91Krupanidhi School of ManagementBangaloreMBA
92Lorven College of Science and ManagementBangaloreMBA
93Lorven International Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
94Loyola Business SchoolBangaloreMBA
95M P Birla Institute of Management Associate Bharatiya Vidya BhavanBangaloreMBA
96M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science & CommerceBangaloreMBA
97M S Ramaiah Institute of ManagementBangalorePGDM

M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

99M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied SciencesBangaloreMBA
100Maharani’S Arts, Commerce & Management College for WomwnBangaloreMBA
101MARC Business SchoolBangaloreMBA
102Mount Carmel Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
103MS Ramaiah School of Advanced StudiesBangaloreMBA
104MS.Ramaiah Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
105Mvj College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
106Nagarjuna College of Engineering & TechnologyBangaloreMBA
107Nandi Institute of Technology and Management SciencesBangaloreMBA
108National Institute of Business ExcellenceBangaloreMBA
109National School of BusinessBangaloreMBA
110New Horizon College of Engineering (E&T)BangaloreMBA

New Horizon College of Engineering (M & T)

112Nitte Education Trust School of ManagementBangaloreMBA / PGDM
113Nitte Meenakshi Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
114Noble School of BusinessBangaloreMBA
115Oxbridge Business SchoolBangaloreMBA
116Padmashree Institute of Management and SciencesBangaloreMBA

Pes Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus

118PES UniversityBangaloreMBA
119Pns Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
120Presidency CollegeBangaloreMBA
121Presidency UniversityBangaloreMBA
122Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development & ResearchBangalorePGDM
123R S College of Management & ScienceBangaloreMBA
124R.R. Institute of Advanced StudiesBangaloreMBA
125R.V. Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
126Rai Technology UniversityBangaloreMBA
127Rajarajeswari College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
128Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA

Ramaiah Institute of Management Sciences

130Ramaiah Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
131Regional College of Management BangaloreBangaloreMBA
132Reva Institute of Science and ManagementBangaloreMBA
133Reva UniversityBangaloreMBA
134Rjs Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
135Rns Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
136S. E. A. College of Engineering & TechnologyBangaloreMBA
137Sai Vidya Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
138Sambhram Academy of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
139Sambhram Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
140Sb College of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
141Seshadripuram Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
142Shushruti Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
143Sidvin School of BusinessBangaloreMBA
144Silicon City College BangaloreBangaloreMBA
145Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
146Sjb Institute of TechnologyBangaloreMBA
147Sjes College of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
148Sri Krishna Institute of Management StudiesBangaloreMBA
149Sri Venkateshwara College of EngineeringBangaloreMBA
150SSR College of Science and ManagementBangaloreMBA
151St Hopkins CollegeBangaloreMBA
152St. Joseph’S Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
153St.George College of Management & ScienceBangaloreMBA
154Surana College, Centre for Post Graduate StudiesBangaloreMBA
155Svkm’S Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, School of Business Managemnet, Bangalore CampuBangaloreMBA
156T John CollegeBangaloreMBA
157T John Institue of Management and ScienceBangaloreMBA
158The Oxford College of Business ManagementBangaloreMBA
159The Oxford College of Engineering – Mba ProgrammeBangaloreMBA
160Vivekananda Institute of ManagementBangaloreMBA
161Windsor Institute of Management studiesBangaloreMBA
162Xavier Institute of Management & EntrepreneurshipBangalorePGDM