Communication management

Communication management

Communication management

Communication management

MBA | PGDM in Communication Management

While, those with a gift of appreciable interpersonal skills, along with a decent concern in corporate communication and emerging communication technologies, then communication management is a career specialty you should explore.

In addition, communication in today’s world holds a lot of influence in the corporate world. Hence, it has gradually become the comprehending factor among managers and leaders, being as it is a compelling part of the engagement with various stakeholders. Therefore, it is communication that, consistently, makes or breaks a deal; and hence knowing how to maintain it can become an immense tool. Above all, that’s exactly what an MBA / PGDM in communication teaches. Also, it builds your skills, helps you rise and shine as an effective communication manager, and makes you the quintessential scaffold between employees and external allies in

Aspects of Communications Management

  • Developing incorporated communication strategies
  • Designing internal and external communications directives and regulation
  • Managing the flow of information
  • Online/offline communication practice
  • Embracing evolving communication technologies

Career scope

Communication managers customarily get work opportunities with large and medium-sized organizations of government and public sectors undertakings. You can be appointed as:

  • Corporate manager
  • Communication manager
  • Media communication manager
  • Business development manager
  • Manager – Communication
  • Manager – corporate affairs


Also, in this era of strong competition, the role of a communication manager has developed into imperative in any organization. While this is primarily because it is these communications managers who correlate with employees and external stakeholders to keep them in the alignment of company various developments. Hence they create strategies to increase employee awareness and to promote productivity. In conclusion, on the other front, externally, they communicate with the media and other interested parties to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, perhaps a genuine attempt to maintain a positive image of the company and help it attain new heights.

Learning Period of Communication Management in India

  • 2 Year Full Time Regular MBA
  • 2 Year Regular Full Time PGDM ( AICTE Approved )
  • 1 year Full time Diploma in Communication in Management .
  • Executive / Part Time / Distance Learning MBA in Communication.
  • 6 Month Certification in Communication Management .
  • Communication Management Workshops – 3 Months .