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Media Management

Media Management

Media Management

MBA | PGDM in Media management

First of all MBA / PGDM in Media is a particular area of business administration which teaches the students about planning, development, functioning and brand building of media enterprises. Hence the core task of media management professionals is to build a bridge between the generic theoretical disciplines of management and the particulars of the media industry.

Above all the course or programmes in media management train students in terms of developing an understanding and experience on how multiple functions such as marketing, production, human resources, operations, and finance are run at a media house. Moreover, MBA / PGDM in Media programmes, like other management courses are a combination of theoretical and practical manner to get comprehensive exposure and learning in the field of media and communication.

Moreover, the programmes focus on media economics, strategy and on media and cultural policy. In contrast, it also gives students pursuing media management course understanding in the latest practices and concepts and for managing conventional and emergent media platforms.


  • Candidates should be graduates in any discipline from a recognized institute or university
  • Work experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Final year graduation students may also apply provided they fulfill the eligibility programme within the stipulated schedule
  • Consequently, media, which predominantly exists through the mediums of print, television, radio, and Internet, is an ingenious and ever-growing field which offers a lot of learning. Seems like, new media or Internet is speedily expanding through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • With the rise of avenues in the Media industry, the job prospects are also expected to increase in the functions of Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management among others.

Course Subjects

  • Digital Marketing
  • Mass Media Industry
  • Media Design
  • Media Ethics
  • Press Law
  • Public Relations
  • Theories of Mass Communication


  • New Delhi Television Limited
  • Aajtak
  • Times of India
  • Verve Magazine

Learning Period of Media Management in India

  • 2 Year Full Time Regular MBA
  • 2 Year Regular Full Time PGDM ( AICTE Approved )
  • 1 year Full time Diploma in Media in Management .
  • Executive / Part Time / Distance Learning MBA in Media.
  • 6 Month Certification in Media Management .
  • Media Management Workshops – 3 Months .